Why you should tip the delivery guy?

Why you should tip the delivery guy?

Whenever you have delicious food or have coffee in the coffee shop then giving a tip to their good services is sometimes will be a great gesture. It should not be any different if you get fantastic service from a delivery guy, then you can provide them a tip. Honestly, tip furniture delivery guys will be good if you get service at a time.

How much tip should give to s delivery guy

This thing always depends on the type of service you get from the delivery guys. If the items which you have ordered are big, heavy, or requires assembly then you can tip the delivery guy around 10$ to $20. Mae sure to consider the weather and the distance traveled to give your product.

Other things you can consider

A mover is a person who provides you your necessary things and furniture. They usually have a foreman so, providing them a tip is not a bad idea. As the tip is divided into each other and for light products, you can give them around $10 to $50 as well as for the heavy items too. If you ordered some blossoming flowers for anyone then you can tip around $3 to $5 and if the guy delivered large potted plants then you can give $6 to $10. Or you can provide them more tips on the weather, weight of the item and then decide.

If we consider house painters then you will hire a professional painter and if you like their services then you can give $10 to $25 as a tip. But if you feel that this is not enough for them, then you can decide for yourself and provide. These guys provide you services and give their full dedication to their work, then the most generous thing you can do is to tip them $20 to $50.