Main Page: The Front Page Of The Website

Main Page: The Front Page Of The Website

The main page is generally known as the home page, which shows all the related important contents and sections of that particular page. These pages consisting of the important articles, data, links to the other pages, and many more important things. This is the main page which attracts the visitors to visit and check it out.

A webpage like shows the main page consisting of different tech, gadgets, etc. This page of the also gives the review and best deals. The owner of this page loves electronic gadgets and techs from his childhood, which lead him to work with reputed and leading companies. His webpage contains many gadgets and tech devices, along with their reviews and best deals.

Why is the main pageimportant?

The main page is important simply because it acts as a main attracting collection of different objects like gadgets and techs for visitors. Going through the main page, visitors can see all different gadgets and techs collection like wearable devices, home theaters, and many more on the go. Along with viewing the main page, visitors can read reviews about them, and if they like something on the page, they can visit that particular gadget page and can buy them.

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Features of the main page

  • Logo: Logo is the main sign of the company or website, which represents the main identity. It behaves like a key piece that helps the visitors and clients to recognize the particular logo page.
  • Headline: A proper headline makes the website clear their aims. A visitor gets the main idea about the main page from the headline.
  • Social proof: A webpage must contain some of the customer reviews that create trust on a particular webpage. People’s reviews and their success stories make a good impression on the visitors.
  • Photos: Without photos, there is no meaning of attractiveness. Photos and videos are the main source of attraction to the visitors. Photos make the purpose of the page clear.
  • Text Content: Proper and specific text means a lot to the website. To the point, the text helps a visitor to understand the purpose of the page. Content on the page must be accurate and simple.


Visitors need to get attracted, which is fulfilled by the main page. The main page consisting of different gadgets and techs related things must have some reviews that create trust in the customers. The main page should be concise and properly arranged facts and figures.