BITCOIN, abbreviated as BTC, is not a currency as we know it. It has no paper promissory notes or even coins. Photos of BTC Coins are frequently splashed across the social media online, paper magazines, TV and mobile phone screen, and the news media. But these are only dummies. At best, the physical coin is used to electronically store the address, much as a pen-drive would. It exists only as computer files, and has no physical existence outside the Net. It has no real origin, and no country can control its value or regulate its numbers and distribution. It can be used to purchase real products or actually finance projects, but it can’t be touched. In the Digital Age, free bitcoin and the host of Crypto-currencies that have lately sprung up, all must have four basic features as follows:

  1. The Crypto-currency must be decentralized. They are Independent, and cannot be controlled by any Nation, not even their country of origin.
  2. The Crypto-currency must not be bound by any borders, i.e. it must be Borderless. On the Net, Crypto-currency can be accessed anywhere there is Net coverage.
  3. The Crypto-currency must be totally non-political, in fact, of fully neutral political persuasion.
  4. The Crypto-currency must be fungible. This firstly means that ALL units of BTC however acquired and without regard to place or people, must have the SAME VALUE. Secondly, the value of a single Unit is the SAME as the sum of its component parts.