What is Zoom Whitening

What is Zoom Whitening

Pretty much everyone, if not all, wants to achieve perfectly white teeth. There are tubes of toothpaste that claim to help whiten teeth. Dentists also offer their whitening services. But there is also another process done by dentists, and that is called the zoom whitening.

Zoom whitening is a bleaching process. It lightens discolored dentin and enamel using a specialized lamp. The procedure is quick and effective when it comes to enhancing one’s teeth appearance. Zoom will have your pearly whites in a flash. As opposed to whitening products which take several months before the outcome.

The lamp is copyrighted by Phillips called the Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Lamp.

Who Needs It

Those who have tried many whitening products and have gotten unsatisfactory results can try out the Zoom process. It makes teeth look whiter and cleaner as compared to their previous yellow or brown color.

Results are quick and thus, earns this technique a very high satisfaction rating. The procedure is safe as it is done in a dental office with a cosmetic dentist attending to the patient. And not just that, discoloration and even stubborn stains will be removed.

Best not to allow pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as those who are thirteen (13) years of age and below.

Zoom whitening middleboroPre-cautions

Despite the success stories of the Zoom Whitening procedure, be cautious about the complications and possible risks. For example, if one has sensitive teeth, there could be a feeling of pain or perhaps a tingle during the process. This is due to the light that is released from a special lamp. There are also patients who have come forth saying that the pain or tingle continues to last for a few hours.

Those with a stronger gag reflex may find it nauseating and may not finish the procedure.


Although anyone can benefit from the whitening of teeth, it is up to your dentist to give you the go signal. This involves some exams to make sure your teeth can handle the bleaching and process.

Another thing, Zoom whitening is not permanent. It is not a miracle worker. Teeth are still teeth. By eating food and drinking liquids that discolored your teeth before the process, it can still have an effect on your newly zoomed teeth. You can smoke again after 48 hours but it can still damage your teeth once again. Once more, whatever stained your teeth then it can still stain it after the procedure.

Zoom whitening middleboro is as popular as it is in other parts of the country. People research and ask their dentists to allow them to have their teeth whitened through the zoom whitening procedure. Do the research and ask your professionalists, there is no harm in doing so.