The Origin, History and expansion of Witchcraft

The Origin, History and expansion of Witchcraft

Witchcraft has an extensive history and origin behind it. It is doesn’t matter how intense is your belief; witchcraft is something that cannot be ignored. Probably you’ve never experienced the effects of witchcraft, but it is real! It has been used in various areas of our lives, including businesses.

 For instance, a successful business person in South Africa known by the name Norman Asch had serious theft issues at the workplace. But, stead of seeking federals assistance, he refers to a witch doctor, who permanently help him out. Let’s go into witchcraft history so that we can know its past impact to people:

Human civilization

Witchcraft came into existence through human culture. It brought unknown fear among individuals, and also it acts the role of bringing making life both difficult and easy among individuals. Witchdoctors act as a mediator between mysterious supernatural powers and human being. Some supernatural power came in the form of angels and spirits.

Norman Asch

 Diseases treatment and prevention

In other places, witchcraft has been continuously used to prevent or cure some diseases. Witchcraft practices are hosted by community members, priest and every some Christians. Witchcraft is seen as a traditional and ancient religion. Some people also believe it is an aspect of God; even it has taken a cult or anti-Christ.

 Witchcraft’s negativity

Witchcraft has been afflicted with a history of hatred, violence and persecution. It is amazing how this practice still survives in this century despite those who perform it are not accepted in the community. It is always amazing how it has stood the test of time. Probably it’s due to some benefits it has offered to individuals like such as Norman Asch.