The Beauty Of Semi-Permanent Manicure

The Beauty Of Semi-Permanent Manicure

Is doing manicure your hobby? Or else, going to a nail salon is your favorite pampering time? Whichever the reason, both take the process of manicure. So, are you fun of making your nails look classy and with elegance? Esmaltadosemipermanente nails will be pretty and shimmering. Users might be curious about how this kind of nail polish works? The curiosity ends up here. You will know and learn how semi-permanent manicure is done. Most manicurists are confused about the difference between this type of nail polish. These manicurists are those who left into a traditional way of manicure.

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Esmaltadosemipermanente manicure is the latest nail beautification. It is a decorative nail polish that makes it look nicer than the traditional. As you can see, the color of the enamel is so much up to date. The glow-in-the-dark enamel makes your nails noticeable. Anyone who has the enamel on their nails glows in the dark. While you are at the party, probably you will stand out because of your eye-catching nails. The matte color of semi-permanent enamel makes your nails look on style. Matte colors are on-trend these days because it adds a different taste on the nails when applied. But, it does not mean today is the time to say goodbye to the shiny enamels. Still, it depends on how you wear it and your mood. If you feel that you want to wear matter colors of enamel, go for it, you can become versatile in any way.

manicure procedure

The procedure of semi-permanent manicure

Semi-permanent manicure is almost the same as the traditional manicure. The only difference is the drying up of the polish. If in traditional manicure takes minutes of waiting to dry the nail polish, not with semi-permanent enamel. It has an easy procedure and doesn’t consume so much time. There is a simple procedure to follow on doing a semi-permanent manicure.

  • Apply 3 coatings on the nails. The first coat is the base which is the colorless one, The second coat is the color of your preference (matte, glow-in-the-dark, iron shine). The final is the topcoat. All the 3 coatings are dried using the LED or UV light. But, you need to make sure that each coating is dried. Never dry altogether, this is the secret of this manicure procedure. You can never have a well-done result if you only dry it right after the topcoat.

Take note: Each coating must be cured with the UV or LED light.