Some of the points to be considered before choosing a car rental service

Some of the points to be considered before choosing a car rental service

Insurance, deductible, unplanned costs, mileage If car rental is particularly practical when you go on a trip, it is still better to learn about the pitfalls to avoid budget thailand before the big departure.

The mileage package

When comparing rental cars, some display unbeatable prices. You should, therefore, pay close attention to additional costs. Should I add a mileage package? What is the price for the additional kilometer? In the end, the low-cost tariff displayed quickly becomes an excessive tariff. To get an idea of ​​the actual price of your rental car, be sure to compare the mileage. The classic package เชียงรายรถ เช่า includes 100 to 300 km for a day and 600 to 800 km for a weekend. The additional kilometers are generally displayed at the price of 0.40 € per kilometer, a heavyweight on the invoice in the event of exceeding. Some rental companies also offer unlimited mileage packages. These contracts, certainly more expensive, can really tip the scales in your favor.

The rental car contract

Before signing, remember to read the contract offered by the rental company. Make sure you enter all of the content and pay close attention to exclusions and small print. Most of the packages offered include only the basic package. So check what is included and what is not. Remember to inform the rental company in case of border crossing and driving in a different country. This mention must also appear in the contract.