How to choose your pressure washer

How to choose your pressure washer

I am in the process of buying an electric pressure washer, the choice is vast between dozens of models available at the merchants, and so the old saying goes: the more the choice is vast residential asphalt repair anniston    and the more difficult it is to choose.

Cleaning power

Is a ratio that allows comparing the cleaners between them, the higher it is, the better the result will be. To calculate it, it is enough to divide the flow of water by the pressure of use. The bigger the work to be done, the higher the ratio must be, thus ensuring very professional washing services.

The power of the engine.

A high-pressure cleaner is equipped with an electric motor of variable power, depending on the power in bars, these motors can reach an electrical consumption of several kilowatts/hour, make sure that you have the electric power necessary to turn your device without being forced to unplug all other appliances in the house. FYI: a cleaner of 160 bar is equipped with a motor of 3 to 3,2Kw / h on average

The flow of water

The flow of water is another important criterion for residential asphalt repair anniston     Expressed in liters per hour, the greater the flow of water, the more efficient the cleaning will be. It is generally found that a flow of 300-400 L / h is made for occasional use, that a flow of 400-500 L / h corresponds to current use and that a flow of more than 500 L / h suitable for intensive use. Some manufacturers, such as Nilfisk, offer high throughput devices, improving performance through the quality of their manufacturing and experience with professional equipment.

residential asphalt repair annistonThe service pressure

The operating pressure is expressed in a bar, the more important it is, the more efficient the cleaning. It is generally accepted by all manufacturers that a pressure of 100 to 120 bar corresponds to occasional use, that a pressure of 120 to 140 bar is suitable for common uses and that a pressure greater than 140 bar is for intensive uses.

Regardless of the make and model of the high-pressure cleaner, it is recommended for a maximum duration of continuous operation, this maximum continuous operating time must be respected, otherwise, the high-pressure pump or the motor may be damaged and of the warranty framework.

Here are the points to observe before buying a cleaner, but there are others, such as after-sales service in case of breakdowns, or for those who wish to go further, the design of the machine.