How does a proxy server work?

How does a proxy server work?

Proxy server is an intermediary option with client and server from which a client request for certain kind of service and it takes the request to server on behalf of direct access. If you want to access a website that is blocked, the server will receive the request and perform any of the following things.

  • First the server analyzes for local cache and see if that can provide web pages. If it finds the result, it will return the result to client without forwarding request over internet.
  • If the proxy does not find web page in its cache, the request will be taken forward along web. It will not use IP to perform this action. Instead of these actions, proxy server will act as client on your behalf and use any of the IP address from its repository. When it gets access to the page, it will relate original request and forward the page back to its normal state.

As a user, you really would be aware of the process and it seems to be same that directly access webpage. The server makes these basic works to help user search anonymously and get server access. Also there are various types of proxy server and those most commonly found are listed here.

  • HTTP Proxy servers
  • SSL Proxy Servers
  • SOCKS Proxy Servers
  • Transparent proxies
  • Web Proxies

Each of this Proxy Server has the different use and configurations which have effective progression with filter variations. There are also much online content to keep in mind with these types of proxies.

HTTP Proxy servers

Benefits of proxy server

  • There are lots of benefits with using proxy server and some of them are listed here
  • IP address is hidden and user can search anonymously
  • You can access geo-blocked or restricted content within the range
  • Load time changes and it can be reduced with progression
  • User can filter the malicious websites

As we have seen the advantages of proxy, the server results are quite nice to look over. The proxies come without any cons in the result. The various types of proxies are rated based on the level of privacy. Thus each comes in various levels and level 1 is rated to be best for privacy.

Level 3 – Transparent proxy

Level 2 – Anonymous proxy

Level 1 – Elite proxy

Check out all these level and decide on the right resource and get through the complete internet connection with perfect range of security.