Simple Logos That Speak Volumes

Simple Logos That Speak Volumes

The concept of a simple logo does not mean that it has to be minimalistic and the job is done, the word “simple” even though sounds nominal it covers a broader range of concepts. A simple logo can revolve around a modest design or typography lettering or even a rudimentary concept.

Simple logos are considered over complexly detailed logos because of their ability to convey a message with a basic concept but at a quicker rate. A simple logo may appear basic in construction, but there are many ways to create one.

Listed below are few of the styles a designer can use to create a sleek and effective logo design.

Simple typography logo:

Typography logo is as simple and basic as can be. You focus on certain aspects of your logo by just using a font and concentrating on the lettering. The simple typography logo is mostly used by businesses that make use of shapes and color, so, they tend to keep their logo as minimal as possible and let their work speak volumes.

Simple line drawings:

A line drawing is the foundation stone to any illustration or typography design. The simple idea of line drawing can be applied to any basic idea. So, if you are thinking of a concept that typography in itself can’t fulfill, simple line drawing can be used. Simple lines also whittle down complex ideas.

Simply illustrated logos:

An illustration is more than a line drawing, which means it takes on shape and color. But despite these additional components, illustration can be just as simple and fun.

Simple geometric logos:

Simple geometry style is a mix of typography, line design, and simple illustrations. Geometry shapes are a result of hitting the connection points, the curves and the completion of shapes. Geometric logos have a very mathematical tenacity.

Simple logo ideas:

When you think about keeping your logo simple, it should be limited to only the design but the concept as well. When the designer gets a hang of the art of repetition within the design, then, it is conveyed to the audience, who in turn can understand the concept clearly. At times, all you need for a simple and effective logo is a simple and effective idea. In a complex world with intricate businesses, it is the simple logo that will set your business apart.


Even though the simple logo design may seem easy in theory, when put to practical use there is a lot of effort to create that one modest design. A lot of brainstorming is required for a logo to be able to deliver the brand’s message with just one look. To design a logo that looks simple but is able to deliver the concept of the brand to the extent that it is understood by the audience is not an easy task. But once you witness the end result, all the effort that was put throughout the process of conceiving a simple logo is not in vain.