Fluoride tooth paste- Beneficial or deadly poisonous?

Fluoride tooth paste- Beneficial or deadly poisonous?

Many people all around the world think and believe that fluoride toothpaste is the best toothpaste that helps the person to achieve good oral and dental health and prevent cavities. But the fact is that the fluoride present in the toothpastes that is also advocated by the dentistry profession is highly dangerous and also considered to be deadly poisonous by some.

According to a research, the fluoride is potentially very harmful for the young children. The harm which it causes can be measured by the fact that one tube of fluoride toothpaste contains sufficient amount of fluorine that can be used to kill a 2 years child. And in adults, it increases the risk of osteoporosis and causes other dental and gastric problems.

The research has showed that only a pea sized amount of fluoride is to be used in order to remove its adverse effects. More contact with fluoride than this causes a problem, dental fluorosis which is the permanent discoloration of your teeth. In this problem, a milky white residue appears over the front teeth. More amount of fluoride, especially sodium fluoride that is also added in our water systems, can be incredibly toxic.

As most of the toothpastes available in the market today are the ones that contain fluoride as the main and active ingredient so this means that we are being posing a serious threat to our health by using these toxic toothpastes. There is a negligible amount of natural substances in the fluoride toothpastes, thus it certainly can’t be thought to be better for health. Two main ingredients, sodium chloride and silicon fluorides are thought to be natural, but actually, they too are not natural, they are the by- products of the phosphate and the aluminum industries.

Thus there is a great need to tell everyone about the adverse effects of fluoride and create awareness among the people and we have to persuade them to stop using fluoride toothpastes and instead use fluoride free toothpastes. Thus a new toothpaste must be used which must be free of fluoride and made entirely of natural substances.

Many manufacturers have started making fluoride free toothpastes and in order to do that they are using bio-calcium as an alternative. You can regard these toothpastes as the organic toothpastes which are made up of just one single thing i.e. baking soda. These are the herbal toothpastes that are made up of 100% natural substances and some of them are regarded as organic. If we talk about the ingredients of these natural toothpastes, then we come to know that the 100% natural substances include hydrated silica and cranberry extract that are employed in order to prevent the adhesion of bacteria to the teeth and take away the plaque. Thus we manage to improve our oral and dental hygiene. It is now time to play our role and help the fluoride free toothpastes to become the best toothpastes of the market and ensure good health for us and our family.