Birth Control Pills Before IVF Is It Safe?

Birth Control Pills Before IVF Is It Safe?

When you are planning to consider IVF options and costs, you will be prescribed with birth control pills before the treatment. Kind of counter intuitive, don’t you think? Birth control pills are used to control the pregnancy. Not the other way around. But why is it prescribed for In Vitro Fertilization patients?

            Many fertility patients will have to go through an initial course of birth control pills or BCPs. Remember that this should be prescribed by your doctor. If you are considering IVF options and costs, you have to take note that BCP is not for everybody. You need to have your doctor’s consent before you do this.

Why is Birth Control Pills are Important for IVF Preparation?

            When a woman is a fertility patient who is traveling abroad to get the treatment, you would be able to book your fertility treatment ahead of time, saving you time and money on last-minute flights. The birth control pills will control your bleed, so the clinic will be informing you when to stop. After three or four days, your period will start. Usually, the stimulating medication will start on day 2 of your period.

            However, you must remember that birth control is not for everybody. If you have high blood pressure or if you have aura migraine history, birth control pills may not be for you. Sometimes, doctors are also hesitant to prescribe BCPs for to fertility patients who are over 40 years old. You must have your doctor’s permission given your condition to avoid any complications.

This method is best for patients who are traveling abroad to get the treatment. Remember that fertility treatments are not available in some countries. Through this method, your clinic will recommend that you use birth control pills. For most women, this method works. But still, do not take this lightly. Do your research and always consult your doctor.